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Have the smartest recordlabel
executives work directly for you

A&R Intelligence

Our smart demobox enables us to spot more potential hits in an early stage.


We build your GDPR compliant fan database for marketing purposes.


Smart systems enable us to provide better support for lower fees.

Legal Business Affairs

We maximize exploitation income on music rights.


We give you 24/7 access to your revenue and performance position.




What we do for you?

We design, build and operate music labels on behalf of individual artists and (label) managers.

We manage all business, legal, marketing, distribution and administrative aspects of the artist’s own record label. So that the artist and their management can focus on music and performances, build their brand and harvest maximum results. This is what we call ‘music label architecture’.

Working with Wide Awake means the artist and manager get more personal support, better exposure, a bigger royalty share and more financial transparency.

How we work with & for you?

It is all about smart team building.

Estabished artist

Wide Awake Label architects


What I like about Wide Awake is they let me be in control of our own strategy and give me a team of specialists to work with.

  • Emil Soujeh,

    Manager Vigiland

Our growth model

for established artists

Artist brand
Recordlabel brand

The person with his/her character, needs, preferences, dreams, desires, creative talent and inspiration. Needs a balanced flow of energy to keep moving and developing.

Artist brand

    The ‘brand’ of the artist reflects the values and associations that fit his/her music and public performances and appearances. This influences how the artist will be perceived. It is a tool for consistent communication with audiences.

The record label brand

Accellerator to reach more and bigger audiences by best selection of streaming platforms and podia for the artist. It facilitates extension to other activities and releases for other artists based on shared values. The music label provides a tool-set to organize all business aspects on behalf or the artist behind it.

Our cloud platform

Our platform to connect and collaborate with all your artists and partners.

Creative connect

Our cloud based platform connects all contributors per track and makes it easy to organise all the music you and your artists are working on, in every stage of development.


Our digital back office tools will give you insights into all your upcoming releases, promo status and marketing actions.


After release you can login to track playlist additions, streaming reports and financial revenue status, day-to-day.

Are you ready to work with the best executives in the industry?