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Release Coordinator -
2+ years of Project Management experience

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Fulltime - 40 hours/week




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Wide Awake is looking for a new Release Coordinator in Stockholm! We’re looking for someone who can manage multiple projects, create timelines around these projects, and who can make sure all the important goals and deadlines are hit.


As our Project Manager you’ll be responsible for successfully overseeing our projects from start to finish. You will take care of the planning, the timeline and the execution of each phase. You must be highly organized and detail-oriented, as well as having people skills - after all, you will be responsible for leading the team and the communication with all relevant parties.

Also, you will be responsible for the release coordination. You will be the first point of contact for both artist and management regarding the release (dates) and the release strategy. You will create marketing timelines to promote their track(s) (or for example, the EP or album) and you’ll provide promotional content. This role requires the ability to work as part of a team, since you will work closely together with our A&R, Legal and Marketing Department.


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Make an impact on the future of music

Make an impact on the future of music
Make an impact on the future of music


Make an impact on the future of music

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