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Business Affairs Sr -
5+ years of (legal) experience

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Fulltime - 40 hours/week




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Because of our growth, we are immediately looking to hire a Head Of Business Affairs to reinforce the Wide Awake team. You will be responsible for negotiating and drafting commercial contracts on behalf of the business, as well as providing commercial and legal support.


As our Head Of Business Affairs, you will be responsible for contract negotiations and finalizing the agreements with parties involved. These parties can vary from artists, DJs, vocalists, (co-) producers to other record companies, license partners, music publishers, contract administration etc.

The role includes providing legal advice on the full spectrum of legal issues faced by the business, drafting and negotiating a variety of commercial agreements and providing in-house legal support and advice.You will correspond with our contract parties to ensure that contracts are signed and sent within the set deadlines.

Also, you will instruct Finance in respect of running, amending and analysing the p&s statement to ascertain commercial potential of new deals.You will prepare deal memos and will inform our Finance Department about the specific financial aspect of every deal. After the contracts are signed - you will be tasked with making sure it’s all entered into our royalty system correctly. You are (jointly) responsible for keeping the administration of catalog up to date.


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Make an impact on the future of music

Make an impact on the future of music
Make an impact on the future of music


Make an impact on the future of music

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