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Five years ago we started Wide Awake because we felt that the music industry was full of rusty habits that needed to be improved. There was no transparency, inflexible contracts and bad service was the standard.

We build a company from scratch, with a cloud app for transparant reporting, access to top tier services for our partners, and creative support at a standard that traditional players cannot compete with.

Now we’re one of the fastest growing label services companies in Europe, with many renowned partners, a huge catalog of high quality tracks and a few global hits under our belt.

We can be your front seat partner, or part of your support team. Full service distributor, or a technology provider. But when we’re involved, we’ll do it in the best way possible.

We give you the ability to scale up, while keeping control and focus on your strengths. We provide creative strategies and question every ‘but that’s just how it goes’ answer.

We are a team of creatives, suits and developers. Some are industry dinosaurs, to make sure our innovative thinking is mirrored with proven insights.

We are there for collaboration. We love groundbreaking ideas, outside of the box thinking and to collaborate, support and tackle problems right away. Together we can foresee what others couldn’t and push the boundaries of the music industry.

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Creative Connect

Build by developers, designed by industry experience.

Our platform is the outcome of exactly knowing what running a music brand is about and how to scale it by tech.

Our Cloud app

Platform features

A place which combines overview, finance and performance insights so you can make great decisions right at the moment they are needed. Our app will make your life better, easier and more efficient. We promise.

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WDWK Studios

WDWK Studios
WDWK Studios

Recording studios in the heart of Amsterdam

We’re here to amplify music brands in any way possible. That’s why we decided to start Wide Awake Studios.

Located in our Amsterdam office, the studios are used as a recording space for our artists, sync pitching and A&R sessions.

A great place to create and perfect each sound.


Changing the music industry one step at the time.

Friso Venema


Wouter Venema


Rob Schouw

Rob Schouw

Sync partnership Sizzer A’dam

Sync partnership Sizzer A’dam
Sync partnership Sizzer A’dam
Visit Sizzer
Sync partnership Sizzer A’dam

A great sync gives the eye a beating heart of music.

Sizzer is a leading sync agency in Europe.
As proud partner, we provide the ability to work with the greatest brands in each industry.

Sharing our office floors in Amsterdam, we have the full setup to work fast and close to find that perfect match between music and image that will bring both to live.