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Adwords Specialist

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Adwords Specialist -
5+ years of experience and vast knowledge and understanding of music

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Fulltime - 40 hours/week




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Wide Awake is looking for a talented digital marketing professional to cover a wide range of online marketing, social media and community channels. You will be responsible for the expansion of our brand awareness and planning and executing creative marketing campaigns (both online and offline).

What we’re looking for

If you love and know a lot about music, are a critical listener and able to evaluate talent, Wide Awake could be the place for you. We create game-changing opportunities for some of the best artists in the world.

You will work with an amazing team that’s both ambitious and professional. Your role will involve communication with internal departments, artists management, as well as logistical duties. You will identify key targets and new talent, build and maintain strong relationships with artists and managers, oversee the delivery of repertoire and contribute to the domestic and global A&R strategy.


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Make an impact on the future of music

Make an impact on the future of music
Make an impact on the future of music


Make an impact on the future of music

Working at Wide Awake means you’re at the front of innovation and development in the music industry.

We challence everything, pitch ideas and create joy in facing rusty habits.

Together we aim to make a difference.